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N´┐Ż Date Title
50 07/12/2005 President Goris says Azerbaijan must remain a reliable partner for the Euro-Atlantic security community
49 07/12/2005 The Assembly calls for regular parliamentary scrutiny of the fight against terrorism
48 07/12/2005 - Address by the President elect -
Jean-Pierre Masseret: ´┐ŻLooking beyond the uncertainties of the Constitutional Treaty´┐Ż
47 07/12/2005 The Assembly recommends closer political cooperation between the EU and NATO
46 07/12/2005 UK Foreign Secretary Jack Straw declares ESDP more capable, more coherent and more active
45 07/12/2005 Assembly urges a handover to local forces in Bosnia and stronger oversight of Althea mission by national parliaments
44 07/12/2005 The Assembly advocates the use of naval defence forces in missions that are not strictly military in character
43 07/12/2005 Governments and European Defence Agency should spur European naval industry consolidation
42 06/12/2005 The Assembly recommends the implementation of the Code of Conduct for Defence Procurement
41 06/12/2005 Prime Minister of former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia urges membership of NATO and the EU for southern and eastern European countries
40 06/12/2005 Russia´┐Żs Mrs Sliska criticises the EU for not ratifying defence pact amendment
39 06/12/2005 Mr Djinnit seeks EU help in breathing life into African institutions
Mr Goerens calls for the establishment of a Euro-African Peace and Security Fund
38 06/12/2005 Parliamentarians must strive to win back public support in the EU
37 06/12/2005 The Assembly is in favour of deepening the ESDP irrespective of the uncertainty now hanging over the Constitutional Treaty
36 06/12/2005 The Austrian Presidency hopes to promote better European civil-military cooperation
35 06/12/2005 WEU President calls for a permanent parliamentary forum in Brussels
34/2005 02/12/2005 President Goris and Assembly Rapporteur Mota Amaral in Skopje, Pristina and Sarajevo
Assembly report on ´┐ŻEuropean Forces in the Balkans´┐Ż
33/2005 01/12/2005 President Goris supports Ukraine´┐Żs ambition to fully join European family
32/2005 03/11/2005 President Goris: official visit to Azerbaijan
Assembly Rapporteurs on consultative missions to
Addis Ababa, Brussels and Moscow
31/2005 22/09/2005 Assembly Conference on Peacekeeping in Africa: prospects for the strategic security partnership between the EU and Africa
30/2005 07/07/2005 The President of the Assembly of WEU/ The Interparliamentary European Security and Defence Assembly condemns terrorist attacks in London
29/2005 27/06/2005 NATO Secretary-General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer joins celebrations marking the 50th anniversary of the first sitting of the Assembly
28 15/06/2005 EU Satellite Centre chief Frank Asbeck appeals for more cash
27 15/06/2005 Assembly calls for real European military space policy
26 15/06/2005 Assembly urges the EU to play a stronger role in Middle East peace quest
25 15/06/2005 Debate on consequences of the French and Dutch rejection of the Constitutional Treaty
24 15/06/2005 UK government: EU must continue to build ESDP capabilities
23 15/06/2005 Assembly says European defence goals more important after treaty rejection
22 15/06/2005 Assembly calls for EU to pool resources in combating terrorism
21 14/06/2005 Europe tackling the challenge of ´┐Żnetwork-centric warfare´┐Ż
20 14/06/2005 Assembly urges new life for technology programme to prevent EU defence industry becoming US sub-contractor
19 14/06/2005 WEU supports interparliamentary cooperation in the Balkans
18 14/06/2005 Ukraine´┐Żs priority is ´┐Żto achieve European standards´┐Ż according to Mrs Tymoshenko
17 14/06/2005 Assembly wants ESDP open to Ukraine
16 14/06/2005 Croatian President Mesic urges more efforts to find Gotovina
15 13/06/2005 Assembly urges steps to combat WMD, nationalism and transatlantic differences
14 13/06/2005 New voting rights for EU countries with ´┐Żobserver´┐Ż status in WEU
13 13/06/2005 Luxembourg Defence Minister proposes slowdown in EU enlargement´┐Ż
12 13/06/2005 Assembly President Goris: EU crisis ´┐Żcould be turned into an opportunity´┐Ż
11/2005 10/06/05 Assembly likely to hold urgent debate on the future of the European Constitution

British Ambassador Holmes to present an address
by the Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw on Wednesday 15 June 2005 at 11.30

Announcement of press conference with President Mesic (Croatia)
10/2005 12/05/05 Dr Giovanna Bono, Brussels Free University:
Constitutional Treaty will not remedy democratic deficit of ESDP
9/2005 11/05/05 Colloquy on the European Union´┐Żs strategic autonomy at the Joint Services Defence College, Paris

Address by President Goris: ´┐ŻThe EU must become a promoter of external security´┐Ż
8/2005 03/05/05 Prime Minister Tymoshenko (Ukraine) and President Mesic (Croatia) to speak at the Assembly´┐Żs June 2005 plenary session

Luxembourg Defence Minister Luc Frieden to present annual report of the Council
7/2005 19/04/05 Saint Petersburg Interparliamentary Conference commemorating the 60th anniversary of the end of the Second World War:
President Goris warns of rise in nationalism among the young in European and CIS countries
6/2005 4/04/05 President Goris pays tribute to Pope John Paul II
5/2005 23/03/05 Annual Assembly meeting with the North Atlantic Council:

- NATO Transformation continues
- From transatlantic ´┐Żpartnership´┐Ż to transatlantic ´┐Żdiscussion´┐Ż?
- No decision yet on policy towards Ukraine

NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer: NATO support for strong EU

4/2005 16/03/05 Belgian Foreign Minister Karel De Gucht addresses Assembly in Brussels

A Belgian perspective on ESDP
3/2005 16/03/05 Bi-annual meeting of the Assembly with the Permanent Council and EU Political and Security Committee Ambassadors

Assembly ´┐Ża model for parliamentary best practice´┐Ż

2/2005 28/02/05 President Goris in Austria to consult with the future EU-Presidency on ESDP:
More military capabilities for humanitarian crisis-management operations

1/2005 18/02/05 41st Munich Conference on Security Policy:
Parliamentarians call for more and immediate support for Palestinians
EU offer of help for drafting Iraqi constitution is not enough
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Press & PR >> Press releases 2005
´┐Ż 2005, Assembly of WEU