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Press & PR >> Press releases 2004

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No. Date Title
46 01-12-2004 WEU Assembly urges strong EU presence in Balkans to avert violence
45 01-12-2004 WEU Assembly favours �new deal� in transatlantic relations
44 01-12-04 Mr Goris urges the Assembly to help develop a climate of trust
between the EU and NATO
43 01-12-2004 Assembly of WEU calls for a compromise in Ukraine
42 01-12-2004 �Undeniable success� of Operation Artemis in the Democratic Republic of Congo
41 01-12-2004 Cyprus Minister Iacovou threatens to block Turkey�s EU accession talks
40 01-12-2004 WEU Assembly seeks reciprocal observer status with Euro-Med Assembly
39 01-12-2004 Call for a �space division� in the European Defence Agency
38 30-11-2004 WEU Assembly: US and Europe must cooperate on unmanned aerial vehicles
37 30-11-2004 NATO Deputy Secretary-General Minuto Rizzo urges broader cooperation with EU
36 01-12-2004 A central role for the European Defence Agency in transatlantic cooperation?
35 30-11-2004 The EU should bolster and rationalise defence equipment sector
34 30-11-2004 WEU Assembly urges EU to put more effort into the Southern Caucasus
33 29-11-2004 Luxembourg presidency supports maintaining the modified Brussels Treaty and WEU Assembly on an interim basis
32 29-11-2004 WEU Assembly urges parliaments to educate public on Constitutional Treaty
31 29-11-2004 The Constitutional Treaty � undoubted progress as far as European security is concerned
30 29-11-2004 President Glesener: ESDP parliamentary forum is more necessary than ever
29 27-10-2004 Voting rights for parliamentarians of new EU, NATO Members
28 27-10-2004 Biannual meeting with WEU/PSC Ambassadors
- Javier Solana�s WEU mandate extended - submits annual report -
27 25-10-04 Promising outlook for the ESDP, according to the conclusions
of a WEU Assembly conference

26 22-10-2004 French Foreign Minister Michel Barnier receives WEU parliamentarians
to mark 50th anniversary of the 1954 Paris Agreements
modifying the Brussels Treaty
- Bilingual edition of the Treaty published -
25 29-10-2004
Celebrations marking the 50th anniversary
of the modification of the Brussels Treaty:
- continued relevance of collective defence in the age of terrorism -

24 06-10-2004 Stef Goris (Liberal Group, Belgium) to be next President of the Assembly
23 18-09-2004 Second day of the Assembly Conference in Enschede/Netherlands on improving European armaments cooperation
22 17-09-2004 Assembly Conference on improving European armaments cooperation in Enschede/Netherlands
21 09-09-2004 Political Committee visit to Washington:
Americans not worried about European autonomy,
but divided Europe may be paralysed
20 04-06-2004 Assembly urges EU Constitution changes on parliaments, mutual defence, NATO
19 03-06-2004 Call for a European defence agency open to all WEAG members
18 03-06-2004 The Assembly says the Interim Government of Iraq needs extensive powers of sovereignty
17 03-06-2004 Assembly: China must improve arms export controls and human rights practices
16 03-06-2004 Spanish State Secretary for Foreign Affairs calls for greater European defence solidarity
15 03-06-2004 Call for greater European solidarity in the face of terrorist threats of mass destruction
14 03-06-2004 German Defence Minister fears security policy vacuum if WEU Treaty is denounced before ratification of EU Constitution
13 03-06-2004 Emergency Debate on Iraq
12 02-06-2004 Baltic States invited to accede to the modified Brussels Treaty
11 02-06-2004 WEU Assembly urges strong multidimensional effort in western Balkans
10 02-06-2004 Parliaments and the general public suffering from a lack of information about the ESDP
9 02-06-2004 WEU Assembly urges steps to improve rapid response land forces
8 02-06-2004 President De Decker presses for setting up an interparliamentary forum for ESDP
7 4/5/2004 ISIS-Europe Conference on �Tackling the �double democratic deficit� of ESDP�:

President De Decker�s proposals for improving the accountability of ESDP and preventing a re-nationalisation of European policy

Chairman Elmar Brok proposes �antenna� for national parliaments within the EP

6 22/04/04 Agreement on cooperation between the Assembly of WEU and
the Interparliamentary Assembly of the Commonwealth of Independent States
5 25/03/04 Assembly meeting with NATO Council and DSACEUR
− Recent events in Kosovo make troop reductions unlikely −
4 03/03/04
Assembly seminar on armaments issues in Oslo -
Norwegian Defence Minister to speak on military transformation

3 10/02/04 Valencia conference on terrorism, non-proliferation and EU-Mediterranean cooperation: tackling the roots of terrorism is first line of defence against proliferation threat

Ana Palacio: longterm strategy needed to change mentalities and attitudes in Southern Mediterranean countries
2 27-01-2004 President De Decker: �Governments should not denounce modified Brussels Treaty until the European Constitution containing an acceptable mutual defence clause is ratified and proper interparliamentary oversight of ESDP by national parliaments is established�
1 16/01/2004 President De Decker�s Hearing at French Senate:
�France�s full NATO integration would facilitate development of ESDP�

Senators support improved oversight of ESDP by national parliaments

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Press & PR >> Press releases 2004
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