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PDF Title - Reference(s) Date
Adopted Text(s) 1st sitting 13-06-2005
  Decsion29: Implementation of Decision 27 and Order 120 ../
  Rec759: on the implementation of the European Security Strategy .../
Adopted Text(s) 3rd sitting 14-06-2005
  Rec760: on security cooperation between the EU and its eastern .../
  Rec761:on the European Technology Acquisition Programme (ETAP)
  Rec762: on network-centric operations: European capabilities
  Rec763: on the fight against international terrorism: defence aspects
  Res126: development of interparliamentary cooperation in the Balkans
Adopted Text(s) 4th sitting 15-06-2005
  Rec764: ESDP developments and the Headline Goal 2010
Adopted Text(s) 5th sitting 15-06-2005
  Rec765: on developments in the Broader Middle East
  Rec766: arms control and non-proliferation: verification by satellite
Adopted Text(s) 6th Sitting 05-12-2005
  Res 127: on parliamentary debates and public opinion on European .../
  Rec 767: on the way ahead for the European Security and Defence Policy
Adopted Text(s) 7th Sitting 06-12-2005
  Rec 768: on peacekeeping in Sub-Saharan Africa: a practical approach
Adopted Text(s) 8th Sitting 06-12-2005
  Rec 769: on the European defence equipment market: Article 296 .../
  Rec 770: on the future of the European naval defence industry
  Rec 771: on surveillance of the maritime and coastal areas of European
Adopted Text(s) 9th Sitting 07-12-2005
  Order 121: on parliaments and the Althea mission
  Res 128: on parliaments and the Althea mission
  Rec 773: on the European Union in the Balkans: Althea and other ../
  Rec774:on cooperation in the operational area between the EU and NATO
Adopted Text(s) 10th Sitting 07-12-2005
  Rec 775: on fighting international terrorism: a challenge for Europe
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Ordinary sessions - Special sessions  - Colloquies - Speeches and other documents
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