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PDF Title - Reference(s) Date
Adopted Text(s) 1st sitting 02-06-2003
  Decision 25-title and ordinary appellation of the Assembly
Adopted Text(s) 2nd sitting 03-06-2003
  Rec722-European defence-the role of naval power
  Rec721-Security policy in an enlarged Europe-reply to the annual ...
  Order 118-Security policy in an enlarged Europe
  Res115-Security policy in an enlarged Europe- a contribution to ...
Adopted Text(s) 3rd sitting 03-06-2003
  Rec723-EU headline goal and NATO Response Force ...
  Res116-Parliamentary scrutiny of the ESDP in national parliaments ..
  Rec724-Developing a security and defence culture in the ESDP
Adopted Text(s) 4th sitting 04-06-2003
  Rec726-The United States national security strategy and ...
  Rec728-The future of the European defence aeronautics industry ..
  Rec729-European defence-related space activities and the development..
  Rec725-Europe and the new United States national security strategy
  Rec727-Cooperation between the European and Russian aerospace....
Adopted Text(s) 5th sitting 04-06-2003
  Rec731-Developments in south-eastern Europe
Adopted Text(s) Standing Committee, Brussels 22-10-2003
  Res117: Prospects for the European security and defence policy ../
  Dec26: The follow up to Order 118
  Rec732: Prospects for the European security and defence policy ../
  Order 119: on prospects for the European security and defence policy..
Adopted Text(s) 6th Sitting 01-12-2003
  Rec733: A European strategic concept – defence aspects
  Rec734:Rapidly deployable European air forces
  Rec735: A European initiative to strengthen the role of the UN .../
Adopted Text(s) 8th Sitting 02-12-2003
  Rec736: Prospects for the European Security and Defence Policy (Part I
  Res118: Parliamentary follow-up to the Convention on the Future of Eur
Adopted Text(s) 9th Sitting 03-12-2003
  Rec737: Security in Europe and stabilisation in the Middle East
  Rec738: The impact of the Iraq crisis on public opinion in Europe
Adopted Text(s) 10 Sitting 03-12-2003
  Rec739: Missile defence: the need for a common European initiative
  Rec740: The development of armaments policy in Europe ...
  Rec741: European defence: pooling and strengthening national and Europ
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Ordinary sessions - Special sessions  - Colloquies - Speeches and other documents
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