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Ordinary sessions - Special sessions  - Colloquies - Speeches and other documents

Ordinary sessions
In accordance with its Charter, the Assembly holds one annual ordinary session which can be divided into several parts. Sessions usually consist of two part-sessions and are held at the seat of the Assembly, Paris.
An agenda is drawn up for each part-session.
(Reports are submitted by Rapporteurs on behalf of the Committees). Includes other documents concerning the institutional dialogue between the Assembly and the Council: annual report of the Council and the Council's replies to the Assembly's recommendations and written questions
Minutes are drawn up for each sitting during a part-session and are adopted at the next sitting.
   Official records
An official record of the proceedings of each sitting is drawn up in English and French. A speech delivered in any language other than English is produced as a summary report of the simultaneous interpretation.
   Adopted Texts
Adopted texts contain recommendations, resolutions, opinions and orders adopted in session.
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Ordinary sessions - Special sessions  - Colloquies - Speeches and other documents
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